Why do I have to be 18 or have a parent order for me?

             Two main reasons: Commissions are contracts (even if it’s only verbal) and in my state minors cannot enter into contracts without a parent/guardian cosigner. Without that the commission isn’t legally binding. The second reason is that I want you to get your parent’s permission before buying my merchandise – particularly if you’re using their credit card! It’ll keep you and me out of trouble. And if you’ve contacted me through social media I don’t want you giving me personal information such as email or addresses. You should never give that info out without asking your parent first. 


Do you take commissions? If so what kind?

          Yes! I take commissions on a first come, first serve basis. I accept commissions for; paintings, drawings, digital art, illustration projects, anime/manga, fanart and much more. I do reserve the right to decline commissions that are copyright infringement, obscene, depict illegal activities, or could be defined as a hate speech. I try to accept as many commissions as I can, but sometimes my schedule is full and I will let you know how long it will take to get to your commission.


How much do you charge?

        Pricing is dependent on the size, scale and medium of the commission. The basic pricing tier looks something like this: Digital art download only $10, Digital art printed $25, pencil or charcoal drawings $80 (for an 18″ x 24″), oil paintings are $200 +, illustration projects are $26 per hour+. All commissions except download only require a 10% non-refundable downpayment, and the commissions will be sent upon full payment. Every commission in unique however, and pricing is not absolute – I work with you to help you get the best art for your dollar!


Why is it so expensive?

        Materials and time….materials and time. All of the traditional art materials that I use are top quality and archival so your commission will last a very long time without issue. Most commissions take many hours of work as well as years of practice in order to give you a product you’ll love. Plus there are all sorts of back-end fees like printing costs, website costs, taxes, insurance and all the boring non art things!


How long does it take to get my commission?

         The time it takes to fulfill a commission depends on the size and complexity of the project. Oil paintings take the longest due to the medium and drying time – please allow 1 month or longer for any oil paintings. I can get the majority of commissions done within a week of starting (except for paintings and illustration projects). For illustrations and graphic novel projects with multiple images it will take several weeks to months depending on the amount of imagery needed. 


How do I know you’re actually working on my commission?

         When I’m working on a project with a you I will send watermarked photos for your approval. That way you’re in control, and you get to see the process! It’s all very exciting…


Can I just buy something you’ve already created at a lower price?

        You can certainly buy a print or digital download of most of the art I’ve already created – and that price is much lower than the original! Some pieces however cannot be sold due to copyright contracts. 


Isn’t fanart illegal?

       Copyright laws are changing rapidly in the anime and manga communities both internationally and domestically. I do my best to create fanart that adheres to fair use (making it transformative and thus a new piece, by current laws) and I am keeping up to date on how those laws are changing. WHat I create in the future will depend on how those laws are changed and applied.


If I buy your art do I own the copyright?

       Generally speaking, no. Unless we have a contract stipulating copyright ownership/transference the copyright of the artwork remains with the artist. You can still upload the work to social media (with credit) and even resell the piece if that’s what you want to do. But I still retain copyright ownership and can take legal action for anything that violates copyright law. (I would be so sad if you resold my work please don’t make me cry).


If you have any other questions please email me!